200 left-wing groups demand Target replace LGBTQP+ merchandise

Is Target guilty of "rainbow capitalism"

Children’s book being sold on the Target website

Target’s aggressive promotion of transsexual ideology to children resulted in boycotts and a plunging stock price. This resulted in Target pulling some of the most egregious items. Stephen Miller’s America First Legal is exploring the possibility that Target executives violated their fiduciary duty to stockholders by recklessly promoting radical sexual ideologies.

Now, a coalition of 200 groups is agitating against Target and demanding they place all items back on the shelf. They call on Target executives to “double-down” on the issue. One of the groups leading the charge against Target is GLSEN, which Target has funded with hundreds of thousands in donations and even advertises the group on its national website.

Their demands:

We’re calling on Target to:

release a public statement in the next 24 hours reaffirming their commitment to the LGBTQ+ community

put Pride merchandise back on the sales floor and online in full

ensure safety of team members who are on the front lines

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