NYPD is now reporting near daily hate crimes against Asians. Here is a look at the perps.

NYC has seen a rash of Black on Asian Hate Crimes

Since the creation of the NYPD’s new task force against anti-Asian hate crimes, they seem to be announcing another anti-Asian hate crime with ever-increasing frequency. In total, the NYPD says there have been at least 13 physical attacks on Asian victims that it considers to be hate crimes. At least another dozen incidents are being investigated as non-violent hate crimes against Asians. At least twelve of these crimes all occurred during the second half of March (see below).

The NYPD just arrested Brandon Elliot, a Black male accused of savagely beating a 65-year-old female Asian pedestrian. He faces a felony hate crime charge. Elliot was previously convicted of stabbing his own mother to death.

Immediately after announcing the arrest of Brandon Elliot, the task force asked for the public’s help with a new case. A Black male was videotaped, pummelling and choking an Asian man on a public train. The attack is being investigated as a hate crime.

Brandon Elliot

March 29th:

A 65-year-old Asian female pedestrian was violently beating. The suspect is Brandon Elliot, a Black male.


March 27th:

An Asian man was beaten and choked on a public train. Police released a video of a Black male suspect.


March 27th:

Asian woman harassed and threaten with a gun at the East 51 St and Lexington Avenue subway station. NYPD released surveillance pictures of a Black male suspect.


March 26th:

An Asian woman was berated with racial abuse and mocked for having dyed her hair blue. The victim says the perp waved an unknown object at her. Bobby Eli has been charged with menacing. The suspect looks racially ambiguous in the photo and the New York City Department of Corrections classified him as “race: unknown.” A man with the same name, age, and birth month was previously classified as “race: black,” when he was in custody in 2018. The man has a Hebrew surname, though this particular surname has been adopted by others as a general Biblical name. The man is probably Middle Eastern/Jewish or racially mixed.


March 25th:

An Asian woman was berated with racial abuse on a public train. The perp snatched her cell phone and smashed it. Police have released a picture of a Black male suspect.


March 21st:

An Asian woman was on her way to a protest against anti-Asian violence, and she was carrying a sign. A Black male suspect violently assaulted her near the Astor Place subway station. The perpetrator approached her and asked what her sign was for, then grabbed and mutilated it. He punched her in the face twice, causing bruising and a bloody lip. The victim also suffered a sprained ankle.


March 21st:

An Asian man was berated with racial slurs and had his phone smacked out of his hand and damaged. NYPD releases a video of a Black male suspect.


March 21st:

An Asian woman was bashed with a metal pipe and hospitalized. The suspect allegedly yelled, “I came here to f–k up Asians.” The victim required stitches on her face. Elias Guerrero has been arrested and charged with a hate crime. The police and media have not reported his race or shown any pictures. The New York City Department of Corrections lists him as “race: unknown.”


March 21st:

An Asian woman says she was grabbed from behind and a man screamed at her in Spanish. The NYPD says they are investigating it as a hate crime. No description of the suspect appears in media or NYPD social media accounts.


March 19th:

An Asian man was berated with racial abuse and violently attacked on the subway. A Black male suspect has been arrested.


March 17th:

An Asian woman says that a man berated her with racial abuse and spit at her. She was walking her dog at the time. No description of the suspect has been reported by the media or NYPD social media accounts.


March 15th:

An Asian man was berated with Asian abuse and punched in the face. The NYPD released a video that appears to show a man with a dark skin tone.


February 25th:

An Asian pedestrian was stabbed in the back. Salman Muflihi, an Arab man, immediately turned himself in and confessed. He has been charged with attempted murder as a hate crime.


The following is a recent handout from the NYPD that shows Salman Muflihi and five other anti-Asian hate crime suspects. The handout comes from an NYPD press conference on anti-Asian hate crimes. They wanted the media to show the pictures so potential witnesses or other victims could come forward. The entire NYC media establishment censored it.

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3 years ago

When will White Nationalist Trump Supporters stop this hate!!!!!!!

3 years ago

How many Black on Asian hate crimes were already taking place in NYC each month before the creation of the task force and the media’s demands for anti-Asian attacks to be treated as “hate crimes?” This has really blown up in the media’s face.