US Intelligence Council: Iran impersonated Proud Boys online to hurt Trump’s re-election chances

Intelligence community says Iran, Hezbollah, Cuba, and Venezuela worked to sabotage Trump's re-election

Joe Biden’s brand new Department of National Intelligence Director, Avril Haines, has released a 15-page report titled “Foreign Threats to the US 2020 Federal Elections.”

The core purpose of the report seems to be an attempt to keep the Trump/Russia collusion conspiracy alive while denying that the Biden family engaged in any wrongdoing in Ukraine.

The report says no foreign actors altered, in any way, voter registrations, the casting of votes, the counting of votes, or the reporting of results in 2020.

However, Russia allegedly did attempt this in 2016. While Russia did not attempt to hack voting infrastructure in 2020, there was covert Russian activity to “denigrate President Biden’s candidacy and the Democratic Party.” Further, the Russian agents tried to help Trump directly. Individuals close to Trump and his administration allegedly were involved with agents of Russia.

Under President Putin’s direction, Russia worked to push “misleading or unsubstantiated allegations” against President Biden and his family. Specifically, Hunter Biden’s scandalous dealings in Ukraine concerning Burisma Holdings.

The report also denies that the Chinese government made any attempt to influence the election. It praises China for seeking US stability and an improvement in US-Chinese relations.

Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, and the Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah allegedly engaged in covert action to hurt Trump. However, the report goes out of its way to point out that these actions were only anti-Trump and not pro-Biden, whereas Russia’s actions were both pro-Trump and anti-Biden.

Probably the most specific information contained in the report relates to actions allegedly taken by the Iranian intelligence community. Among other things, they spoofed e-mails that purported to be from the Proud Boys. These e-mails were targeted at known Democrats and made threats of violence if they did not vote for Trump instead of Biden.

Iranian actors also created large amounts of material on social media as a low-cost way of hurting Trump and sowing discord. Hezbollah, which receives financial support from the Iranian government, supposedly encouraged members to participate in this activity. Cuba allegedly attempted to influence the Latino community against Trump. While the report accuses the dictator of Venezuela of wanting to hurt the Trump campaign but not having the resources to carry out substantial actions.

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3 years ago

Lol. This is hilarious.