Thugs, aged 13-20, beat NYC cab driver to death in broad daylight

NYC horror

A group of thugs were captured on surveillance camera beating a cab driver to death. The victim is Kutin Gyimah, a 52 year old immigrant from Ghana. Gyimah leaves behind four children, aged 3-8.

Two black males, aged 20, and a Black female, aged 15, have been arrested. Police are seeking another Black female aged 13. A third Black female, aged 16, was originally considered a suspect, but is now being treated as a witness.

Police say Austin Amos, 20, delivered the death blow. He is a career criminal with six previous arrests. The thugs beat Gyimah to death just to get out of paying a cab fare.

Amos has only been charged with manslaughter instead of murder. The rest are charged with gang assault.

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