Convicted felon charged with killing man in Newport News, VA

Newport News has seen at least three Black on White murders since July

Shawn Grayson, a 31-year-old White male, was found dead of a gunshot wound in Newport News on November 27th.

Jayquan Phillips, a 25-year-old Black male, has been arrested. He has been charged with murder, shooting into an occupied building, assault, possessing a firearm by a felon, and using a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Philips is currently in custody at the Newport News city jail.

This is, at least, the third Black-on-White murder in Newport News since last July.

Crystal Mittelstadter, 51, was murdered in Newport News on August 27th. As-Siddiq Abdul-Aziz, a 22 year old Black male, has been arrested. Police are calling it “road rage.”

Michael Faison, Jr., 24, was murdered in the parking lot of a 7-11 in Newport News on July 8th. Police say a woman exited the 7-11, complimented Faison on his tattoos, and handed him a piece of paper with her phone number. Then, Divine Jackson, a 28-year-old Black male, allegedly murdered Faison.

Candace Gomness

There have also been at least two Black-on-White murders in Richmond recently.

On August 4th, Candace Gomness, 23, was murdered in Richmond. Police say that Miguel Rampersad, a twenty-year-old Black male, shot her and another male victim while they were inside their car. The unnamed male victim survived.

On July 3rd, Kyle Stoner, 36, was murdered inside a restaurant in Richmond. Derrick Adjei, a 24-year-old Black male, was apprehended after a high-speed car chase.

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