Sweden refuses to deport man after two rapes and other sex crimes

Syrian draft dodger will be allowed to stay and continue committing crimes

Nine years ago, Syrian draft dodger Mohamed Alothman, 35, illegally entered Sweden and applied for asylum. He claimed that his hometown was overrun by violence and that he faced persecution for dodging the draft.

The Swedish government granted him a permanent residency permit for “political stance regarding military service.”

The Syrian government has long since granted an amnesty for draft dodgers, and they no longer face criminal charges when they return. It is now entirely safe for the government of Sweden to deport Alothman, and the Syrian government is fully cooperating with European nations to take back their citizens.

In 2019, Alothman was convicted of sexually attacking a ninth grader. Then he was convicted of exposing himself at a swimming pool. Now he has been convicted of raping two women last June in the city of Motala. He also committed multiple burglaries where he targeted women’s underwear for theft.

Mohamed Alothman was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison by the Linköping District Court but will not be deported. The Swedish government says none of his heinous crimes reaches the threshold of warranting deportation back to Syria.

During sentencing, the court concluded that “overall, the district court assesses that the circumstances are not such that the deportation of Mohamed Nour Alothman can take place.”

One of the two women violently raped by Alothman last June.

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