Zero White Christians, Zero conservatives among Elon’s eight “civil society leaders”

Free Speech Rug pull?

Self-described “free speech absolutist” Elon Musk is now pandering directly to some of the most high-profile and well-funded censorship lobbyists in the country.

Musk publicly defended Yoel Roth, Twitter’s “Head of Safety & Integrity.” Roth has used the platform to denounce conservatives as “Nazis” for years. Musk publicly defended Roth and his history of caustic tweets.

Musk is also directing tweets to eight people he calls “civil society leaders.” He is insinuating that these people will play a role in deciding what content is allowed on Twitter.

These eight people include:

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt (far-left, major censorship advocate, Jewish)
ADL Vice President Yael Eisenstat (far-left, major censorship advocate, Jewish)
George Bush Presidential Center’s Ken Hersch (“Neo-con” who has been awarded by the ADL, Jewish)
Color of Change President Rashad Robinson (far-left, major censorship advocate, Black)
NAACP President Derrick Johnson (left-wing, Black)
Free Press CEO Jessica González (far-left, major censorship advocate, Latina)
LULAC CEO Sindy Benavides (left-wing, Latina)
AAF CEO Norman Chen (left-wing, East Asian)

Where are the conservatives? Where are the White people? How do these people represent divergent views? How is this diverse?

This is already started to seem reminiscent of Jason Miller’s Gettr. Miller marketed the site as a “free speech” platform that would be friendly to conservatives. Then he began pandering directly to the SPLC leader Hannah Gais, a far-left censorship advocate, and banning high-profile conservative activists.



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