Keith Woods named 166th most influential English Twitter account

Keith is #166!

Keith Woods is a conservative activist living in Ireland. He was previously banned on Twitter, but his account was restored after Elon Musk purchased the platform. Woods was a speaker at the American Renaissance Conference last August. He had about 55k followers on Twitter at the time.

Shortly after the conference, he spearheaded a campaign on Twitter called #BanTheADL. The hashtag was trending for days in multiple countries, and Elon Musk personally responded to some of Woods’ tweets.

Currently, he has 165k followers, but he routinely has tweets exceeding one million views.

Favicon is a company that produces paid services for people trying to boost their social media presence and influence. They just published a list of the “Top 200 English Twitter Accounts.”

The results are supposed to be “AI-driven” based on raw data and not tainted by human preferences. They list Keith Woods at number 166, beating some high-profile conservative commentators.
Here are some of the top conservative commentator accounts. Laura Loomer, a speaker at the 2023 American Renaissance conference, was also ranked 145.

Tucker Carlson – 14

Eva Vlaardingerbroek – 49

Ashley St. Clair – 51

Alex Jones – 66

Chaya Raichik – 100

Laura Loomer – 145

Keith Woods – 166

Candace Owens – 168

Matt Walsh – 180

Catturd – 196

There are also others whose Twitter accounts are largely focused on conservative causes, but the person is not primarily known for politics. These could include athletes like Jake Shields and Riley Gaines, actors like Kevin Sorbo, and others.

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