NH bill seeks to end “red-washing” of Communist atrocities in public school curriculums

Why aren't Communist atrocities taught in schools?

New Hampshire Republican State legislators, Mike Belcher and Sandra Panek, are sponsoring a bill that would require public school curriculums to include the atrocities committed by communist regimes, such as the Ukrainian Holodomor, just as they already include the study of Nazi atrocities during WWII.

It is House Bill 1153.

The bill was introduced last November. When the legislature reconvened after Christmas, it was placed in the Education Committee, and a public hearing was held yesterday.

Belcher argued that while the school curriculums in New Hampshire focus on Nazi atrocities, details about the atrocities of Marxism/Communist/Socialist regimes are absent. “Much of the rest of history has been lost, you could say red-washed,” Belcher said. The bill would also mandate that schools teach the tactics utilized by Communist revolutions and acknowledge the threat of Communist ideology just as they already acknowledge the threat of Nazi ideology.

Currently, Republicans control both the New Hampshire House and Senate.

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