Twelve shot at Baton Rouge hip hop dance party

Louisiana has two mass shootings on the same day

Around 1:30 am Saturday, a mass shooting occurred at a hip-hop dance party in Baton Rouge. It happened at a nightclub called Dior Bar & Restaurant.

The event featured DJ Revv, who was shot in the spine. The Baton Rouge police department [BRPD] says three police officers were already in the parking lot when shots rang out. They said they had extra officers monitoring the club in accordance with BRPD policies to stop gun violence. There was also private security inside the club.

Twelve people were shot. There are no fatalities, though some are in critical condition. Police say it was a “targeted shooting” and that witnesses are withholding information. Police have not yet given any details about the at-large gunman.

Mass shootings at rap and hip-hop events have been a re-occurring theme.

Later that day, eight were injured in Shreveport, Louisiana. Police say five adults and three children were injured during a drive-by shooting on a house. Two of the victims are said to have life-threatening injuries. It occurred around 2 pm.

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