A look at the last six mass shootings that occurred in the USA

What are the trends?


Morris Richard Jones III, a 36-year-old Black male, murdered the mother of his one month old baby and then set up an ambush for police. Nine police officers are wounded by bullets, bullet ricochets, or shrapnel. It took place in Phoenix, Arizona. The shooter was a career criminal and known member of the Crips.

A drive-by shooter wounds four people in Springfield, Missouri. The victims were all sitting in a care, while the shooter fired from another car. Local media interviewed witnesses, but censored any description of the suspect.


Four people were shot including gangster rap star Kodak Black at a star-studded party in West Hollywood. The party was being hosted by Canadian pop star Justin Bieber. The shooter is believed to a Black male who arrived to the party in a Ferrari.

One person was killed and three more injured by a shooter in Little Rock, Arkansas. Very little information in the local media.

One person was killed and three more were wounded in front of the Habibi Hookah Café in Murfreesboro, TN. Jamar Adam Marks, a 21 year old Black male was arrested.


A unidentified perp shot and wounded five victims on the back porch of the 509 Social Lounge in Racine, Wisconsin. He killed himself after being surrounded by police. The shooter has been identified as John Wesley Brown. There are no pictures or a description in local media. 509 Social Lounge is a Black owned hip hop themed nightclub.

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