Chicago had eleven mass shootings in June

Things are not going well.

Recent mass shootings in Chicago (four or more victims). In most cases, the media has reported little or nothing about who the victims and the suspects are. Most appear to be related to Black gang warfare.

June 30th: 4 wounded (drive-by shooting, two of the victims are only 15)

June 27th: 1 killed, 10 wounded (gathering of people attacked in an alley)

June 27: 1 killed, 5 wounded (drive-by shooting)

June 26th, 1 killed, 3 wounded (argument near a park) (Black on Black)

June 25: 4 wounded (drive-by shooting, perp on a moped)

June 23: 4 wounded (shooting of pedestrians)

June 23: 4 wounded (drive-by shooting on motorcycle club)

June 15th: 5 wounded (shooting of pedestrians)

June 15th: 5 killed, 3 wounded (Block/House Party) (Black on Black, 4 of the fatalities are female)

June 12th: 1 killed, 9 wounded (drive-by shooting on pedestrians) (Black on Black, the victim is a mother of three)

June 8th: 8 wounded (drive-by shooting on pedestrians)

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