High profile Portland Antifa member arrested for armed robbery of a 7-11

Portland Antifa commit all manner of crimes

Jarrod “Sofie” DeFerrari is a high-profile member of Antifa in Portland. He posts pictures of himself on social media and participates in Antifa violence.

Last January, DeFarrari was indicted by a grand jury for an attack on the St. André Bessette Catholic Church. This stems from an Antifa riot that occurred in early November of 2020. He was charged with felony criminal mischief, felony rioting, disorderly conduct, and illegal possession of fireworks.

DeFarrari has advertised himself as a prostitute online. Though we do not know if he has ever been charged with a crime for this.

Now he has been charged with committing armed robbery. Police say he held up a 7-11 cashier at gunpoint.

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2 years ago

They will like him in prison.