Child abuse survivor gives gut wrenching testimony about how extremist teachers have made her school a racially and sexually hostile environment

This is the state of America's public schools

A young girl, who goes to a Hamilton County Southern public school in Hamilton County, Indiana, says teachers are only concerned with divisive racial politics, anti-White conspiratorial rhetoric, gender identity, and sexuality. She says that no meaningful education is being provided.

On June 23rd, she gave a gut-wrenching testimony to the Hamilton County Southern School Board. A school official even once denounced her as having “White Privilege.” She says that before the age of two, she was taken away from abusive drug-addicted parents after social workers found her eating cat feces. Yet, while trying to deal with her early childhood trauma, public school is just compounding her problems by creating a racially and sexually hostile environment.

The girl is currently in counseling for self-harm. Her adoptive mother spoke, saying that she was pulling the girl out of public schools. She also claimed that record numbers of other parents in the district were doing the same thing.

The mother details how, over eleven years, she has watched the schools go from “academic excellence” to a hostile, divisive environment where students do not have a chance. She also accused the school board of lying to the public about how long schools would be shut down for coronavirus.

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2 years ago

It is possible that only a successful military coup can save the USA from being dominated by that evil, vile New World Order.