Why does Philadelphia have such 3rd world trash problems?

Sounds like Jackson, MS

The Philadelphia Department of the Streets is responsible for collecting trash from over 1,000 public bins. Residents say the bins are perpetually overflowing, and the city has only offered disingenuous excuses.

The trash receptacles are called “big belly” bins, but they are only about as large as a mail bin. In a high-traffic area, bins like this would need to be emptied every few days, if not daily.

Illegal dumping is such a colossal problem the Philadelphia Department of Streets began installing surveillance cameras in 2019 to catch people in the act. They are now increasing the number of anti-dumping cameras to 400! In fact, according to a report by FOX29, illegal dumping is so bad that the city is urging people to call 911 if they see someone doing it.

We are increasingly seeing third-world-style problems developing in major US cities.

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