Alleged Antifa chop off victim’s fingers in Chemnitz park

The region is ground zero for Antifa violence

Four alleged Antifa attacked a man identified as Alexander W. in a park in Chemnitz, Germany. They chopped off three fingers from his left hand with a machete. The attackers took the severed fingers with them.

Police conducted an extensive search for the fingers but only found blood.

German media immediately demonized the victim by calling him a “neo-Nazi.” Alexander W. is a member of the group Freie Sachsen, or Free Saxony. The group is most known for protesting the Covid-19 lockdown and vaccination mandates.

Some Antifa social media accounts have mocked the victim, claiming that if police can not find the fingers, they can not prove the attack ever occurred.

Chemnitz is near Leipzig, where four Antifa were recently convicted of hitting multiple victims with hammers. They called themselves the Hammerbande or “hammer gang” and carried out at least six attacks in Leipzig, Wurzen, and Eisenach. German citizens are also believed to have been involved in as many as four Hammerbande attacks in Budapest, Hungary.

Lina Engel is believed to be the international leader of Hammerbande. She was sentenced to over five years, which sparked a massive Antifa riot in Leipzig that seriously injured three police officers. A federal prosecutor is still fighting to have more prison time added.

András Egyedan alleged Hungarian Hammerbande member, committed suicide after police found a massive stockpile of child pornography in his possession. Hungarian police believe the deceased Antifa activist may have even filmed some child pornography himself. Two other alleged members of Hammerbande are currently being held in pre-trial detention in Hungary.

Note: The Connewitz neighborhood of Leipzig is notorious as the epicenter of Antifa activity, violence, rioting, squatter houses, and punk rock concerts in Europe.

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