UK: Nearly all cases of Monkeypox are among men who have sex with other men

If you don't have random unprotected gay sex with other men, you probably will not get Monkeypox

This website has been tracking the spread of Monkeypox in the west since last May.

From the very beginning, multiple European health agencies sounded the alarm that it was primarily homosexual men that were testing positive. Then, an annual Gay Pride dance party in the Canary Islands was identified as the origin of many cases.

Cases from Portugal, Madrid, and Berlin were all linked to this weeklong party. In Madrid, it spread to other people in bathhouses. In Berlin, it spread to others at local dance parties. The government of Belgium also reported that it was spreading at dance parties.

The UK government has published public data about confirmed cases. As of July 6th, there had been 1,447 confirmed cases. Of these confirmed cases, 445 were given enhanced questionnaires.

Of the 445 confirmed cases in the UK who completed the questionnaires:

96.2% were men who admitted having sex with other men
53.7% had at least one sexually transmitted disease in the past year
29.5% were already living with HIV

In a larger UK sample of 917 people:

99.6% were male
99.0% were men who have sex with other men
40% were HIV positive

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