Antifa victorious: Portland cops are abandoning Union office after a year of attacks

Portland rewards Antifa for criminal violence

In 2020, Portland had 54 homicides, a staggering 50% increase over 2019. Shootings went up 127% in 2020. In fact, 2020 and 1993 are tied for the deadliest year in the history of the city.

So far, Portland has already had 43 homicides in 2021, and the year is not even half over! The city is on track to completely shatter all records for murders and shootings.

However, things are looking even worse for Portland’s north side.

Now, the Portland Police Association [PPA] just announced that they are abandoning their Union Office on Lombard Street in Portland’s north side. The office served as a place for cops to eat their lunch and coordinate patrols of the local area. For the past year, Antifa & BLM have attacked the building with impunity. They have even been multiple attempts to burn the entire building down.

The PPA intends to open a new office but is keeping the location a secret. Antifa is vowing on Twitter to attack any new office as well. They are also vowing to continue attacking the empty office,

Multnomah County District Attorney [MCDA] Mike Schmidt continues to protect Antifa and BLM criminals. He drops the charges or otherwise refuses to prosecute over 90% of the charges made against left-wing rioters. Neither state nor federal prosecutors have picked up the slack. 

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