More public schools rocked by major acts of violence

Numerous schools making their local news for violence

This is our second report on violence at public schools during the new school year.

Three shot, one killed at Choctaw High School in Oklahoma City during a game against Midwest City High.

Cordea Carter, a 16-year-old Black male, was killed, and a classified juvenile has been arrested. One of the victims is an unnamed 42-year-old man who was shot by an off-duty cop working security.

Choctaw is only 5% Black, but perp came from Midwest, which is 43% Black.


Brett Semien, 48, the principal of Central Middle School in Eunice, LA, was charged with a misdemeanor for allegedly putting two students in an empty room and telling them to fight.

In 2020, Semien was charged with cruelty to a juvenile, battery on a cop, and resisting arrest. The 2020 charges stem from an alleged attack on his own son. It is unclear if he was ever prosecuted. The school system promoted him from assistant principal to principal since 2020.

Central Middle School is ranked 4 out of 10 by Great Schools. It is listed as 48% White and 47% Black.

Huguenot High School in Richmond, VA, had a mass shooting at their graduation last June! Seven people were shot, and a father and son were killed.

The school is already in the news for violence during the new school year! The first football game was canceled last Friday over threats of violence. Then mob fights broke out Monday morning.

Great Schools ranks Huguenot High School a 3 out of 10. It is listed as 64% Black and 27% Hispanic.

A 34 year old teacher was shot during a football game at Dr Maya Angelou Community High School in Los Angeles. No other details. The school is 91% Hispanic.

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