NV Charter School sued for forcing students to endorse anti-white bigotry in class

Students told they would fail if they did not affirm radical ideologies

On December 22, a single mother filed a lawsuit against the Agassi Campus of Democracy Prep, a Nevada State Charter School, for creating a racially hostile environment. She is being assisted by Schoolhouse Rights, a project run by the International Organization for the Family.

The school is formerly known as the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy and located in Las Vegas. However, it is being operated by a private company called Democracy Prep, which is headquartered in Manhattan. The lawsuit names the State Public School Charter Authority, multiple entities of Democracy Prep, superintended and CEO of Democracy Prep Natasha Trivers, Executive Director and Principal Adam Johnson, teacher Kathryn Bass, assistant superintendent Kimberly Wall, and others.

Evidence submitted in the lawsuit shows that the school is explicitly promoting “critical race theory” and “the theory of intersectionality.” Critical race theory is a radical ideology stemming from the original critical theory created by Marxist radicals of the Frankfurt School in the 1920s and 30s. The students are threatened with a failing grade if they do not affirm beliefs that many would find offensive along racial, sexual, and religious lines.

Critical race theory, above all, teaches a conspiratorial world view in which white males are responsible for any shortcomings seen by anyone else. One item submitted as evidence in the case is a graphic that lists family, education, religion, economics, and government are all institutions of “oppression.” The family is specifically denounced as “racist.” This is classic Frankfurt School rhetoric. This ideology was originally devised to explain why the working classes of Europe did not rebel against their governments during WWI and embrace communist revolutions. They said that the working classes needed to be separated from conventions like family, religion, culture, and heritage.

The theory of intersectionality is essentially an arbitrary ranking system to assign points for how “privileged” or “oppressed” a person is. For example, being white, male, straight, successful, or having two parents are all negatives. These make you privileged and therefore the oppressor of others.

The lawsuit alleges that students are threatened with material harm. They are told they will be given a failing grade if they do not participate in degrading public affirmations of these radical ideologies.

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