Four shot in front of the Berlin Headquarters of the Social Democratic Party

Police say it was a "gang shooting"

Just one day after Christmas, gunfire erupted right in Berlin. Four people were shot, three of them seriously injured.

The shooting took place in Kreuzberg district, known as a “trendy multicultural” area of Berlin. Here is how describes the neighborhood:

Kreuzberg is among Berlin’s most multicultural neighbourhoods. A perfect blend of hipster cafés and urban grit, Kreuzberg offers a wealth of activities, whether you’re after third-wave coffee and a sumptuous Turkish meal or would like to learn more about Berlin’s history.

Police say they believe that the shooting involved rival members of street gangs. A manhunt is underway for multiple assailants. In the very recent past, shootings like this simply did not exist in Germany.

Ironically, the shooting took place directly in front of the Berlin headquarters of the left-wing Social Democratic Party [SPD]. It is called the Willy Brandt Haus, and often hosts major elected officials and party leaders. The SPD is the largest political party in Berlin and rules the city (which is also one of 16 German Landers or states) in a coalition with the Green Party and Die Linke, the rebranded former East German Communist Party,

However, what the media really wants you to know, is that the real danger comes from non-existent “far-right extremists.”

The Willy Brandt Haus. Image from Google Street View.


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