Minneapolis Star Tribune denounces non-profit charities for promoting “White Savior Complex”

Charities are to blame for a lack of black volunteers

The failing Minneapolis Star Tribune published a political rant yesterday targetting charitable organizations. Not on the opinion page, but in the “Local News” section. The newspaper is presenting radical opinions, based on far-left political ideologies, as a factual news story. Of course, there is no balance. Radical theories are presented as facts, with no counter-argument permitted.

The article is written by Minneapolis Star Tribune employee Kelly Smith, whom the newspaper describes as a “reporter.”

The piece states that whites are significantly more likely to volunteer for local charitable non-profits than “people of color.” The piece then goes on to promote a wild and offensive conspiracy that charities are throwing up “barriers” to prevent non-whites from volunteering. The article specifically uses blacks as examples. Smith begins her article by directly associating whiteness as a negative. “Minnesotans have rallied to help nonprofits during the pandemic, but across many organizations, most of those volunteers are white.”

As evidence of this, Smith quotes Karmit Bulman and Lisa Joyslin, professional activists who run a group called the Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration [MAVA]. This group refers to non-whites as BIPOCs and demands that charitable organizations engage in reforms so that they will better attract BIPOC volunteers. Ironically, the website of MAVA shows nothing but white activists and zero non-white activists.

Smith also quotes Donte Curtis, a professional diversity consultant. Curtis, who is of mixed racial ancestry, gets paid handsomely to explain to white people what they are doing wrong. He has a financial interest in aggressively finding “racism” everywhere.

Ironically, Smith admits that charities are going out of their way to aggressively hire “people of color” for leadership and administration positions. She also admits that many charities are specifically targetting non-white recipients for their aid and programs. However, she claims that charities are somehow, someway making it too difficult for blacks to volunteer. The article offensively describes non-profit charities as promoting a “white savior complex.”

So a charity can aggressively “diversify,” by giving non-whites preferential treatment in hiring. They can target non-white communities for aid. Yet, if non-whites do not fill volunteer positions at the same rate as white people, then the charity is to blame for doing something wrong.

Charities need to have more “sensitivity training” and make it easier for non-whites to become a volunteer, whatever that is supposed to mean.

How about this for a headline? “White people more likely to volunteer than others. People of color need to step up to the plate.”

The front page of MAVA shows exclusively white activists. No “BIPOCS,” a term the group uses to describe non-whites. These are the people claiming that charities are engaged in racist discrimination if so-called BIPOCS volunteer at lower rates than whites.


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