Michigan AG requesting sanctions against lawyers who challenged 2020 election

It sounds like something you would expect from a third world “Banana Republic,” not an American state. However, Attorney General Dana Nessel, a Democrat, told CNN she is filing complaints against lawyers who have challenged aspects of the 2020 election held in Michigan.

The complaints will be filed with the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission, which is the adjudicative arm of the Michigan Supreme Court. She is asking that multiple people have their law license investigated and sanctioned. She is also requested that these lawyers be ordered to reimburse her for her court costs and attorney fees.

Nessel told CNN “many of the other lawyers involved in some of these lawsuits on behalf of the Trump campaign have violated rules of professional conduct for every state in the Union, according to the American Bar Association.”

There were several controversies in the 2020 Michigan election. According to Michigan state officials, over 3,000 straight-ticket votes were flipped in rural Antrim County. The official explanation is that unintentional “human error” caused software from Dominion to flip over 3,000 straight-ticket Republican votes to straight-ticket Democrat votes. There are also allegations that Wayne County officials blocked independent observers from doing their job. Observers say they were locked out of the building and not allowed to verify the authenticity of absentee ballots. Some of this was live-streamed on the internet. At one point, ballot counters even covered up windows with boards to prevent the observers from looking inside the building.

Attorney General Dana Nessel’s comments and actions reek of intimidation and would have a chilling effect on people speaking out in the future. Even if there was no fraud or wrongdoing in this election, who is to say that there will not be fraud in the next. Nessel’s actions could make lawyers afraid to get involved. This is a textbook example of how autocratic leaders of third world countries operate to suppress challenges against election fraud.

United States President Donald Trump, who is personally alleging that there was large scale fraud in the Michigan election, lashed out at Dana Nessel on Twitter, saying “AG should be sanctioned.”

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