Portland talk show host from “Antifa Radio Station” charged with kidnapping and raping 13 year old girl

Left-wing talk show host is an alleged child rapist

Noah Whitefield Madrano, of Gladstone, Oregon, allegedly kidnapped and raped a 13-year-old girl from Edmonton, Alberta. The victim never showed up at school on June 24th. Eight days later, she was recovered from a hotel room in Oregon City, Oregon.

Authorities claim that Madrano had been grooming the girl for a year. He has been charged with first-degree sexual abuse, second-degree rape, and second-degree kidnapping. Madrano is being held on a $500k bond.

Madrano is a left-wing radio talk show host in Portland who calls himself “non-binary” and uses several pseudonyms. He used the names Bud Jackson, Noah Zark, and his YouTube username is Madnana42. He is the co-host and producer of a talk show on KBOO-FM called Sub-Human Intellect Theater [SHIT].  KBOO-FM describes itself as “Portland’s Antifa Radio Station.”

His content on YouTube and Twitter indicates an interest in rape and pedophilia.

Within the Antifa movement, many people have been charged with sex crimes.

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