Antifa militant accepts federal plea deal for bringing twelve Molotov cocktails to Seattle’s 2020 Labor Day riot

Incoming wrist slap!

Justin Christopher Moore of Renton has pleaded guilty to bringing twelve Molotov cocktails to the Seattle Police Officers Guild for a pre-planned Antifa Labor Day riot in 2020.

Moore was caught on video with a case of Corona beer, which had actually been turned into firebombs. He was arrested in June 2021 after police executed a search warrant and recovered evidence.

Over two years after the riot, Moore has accepted a plea bargain for one count of unlawful possession of a destructive device. He will be sentenced in US District Court on December 21, 2022. He faces up to ten years. Assistant US Attorney Todd Greenberg is prosecuting the case.

Public records show that Moore was also arrested for “burglary investigation” during another Antifa riot in January of 2021. Police say he broke into a Starbucks and was smashing the place up. He was immediately released without bail by Judge Lisa Paglisotti. This judge has been accused of protecting violent Antifa from spending any time in jail. Most likely, he will never be prosecuted for this crime by the left-wing King County Prosecuting Attorney’s office.

It remains to be seen if he actually does serious time in prison for the Molotov cocktails. Thousands of far-left militants were arrested across the country for rioting in 2020, but most were never prosecuted. Those who have been prosecuted generally received wrist slap plea deals and received little or no time behind bars.

At least 37 people died due to nationwide far-left rioting in 2020.


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