Army’s first “openly trans officer” indicted for trying to give intel to Russia


Major Jamie Lee Henry, who has been celebrated as the US Army’s first “trans officer,” has been indicted for espionage. His wife, John Hopkin’s doctor Dr. Anna Gabrielian has also been indicted.

In 2016, Major Henry was praised by MSNBC for being a transsexual in the US Army. Major Henry is a US Army doctor.

He was one of the first members of the US Army to announce he was a transsexual after Obama changed the military’s policy in 2011. So far, MSNBC has not reported the indictment.

Major Henry, 39, and Dr. Gabrielian, 36, are accused of using Henry’s security clearance at North Carolina’s Fort Bragg to steal the medical records of 52k active duty US Army personnel.

The couple allegedly tried to transfer the data to someone they thought worked for the Russian State Department. The buyer was an undercover FBI agent.

Gabrielia allegedly asked the undercover FBI agent to send her children to Turkey if they got arrested. The pair both face fifteen years in prison.

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