WV, MS, & TN ban transsexual drugs/procedures for minors by huge majorities

Eight state legislatures have banned permanently disfiguring drugs and procedures for minors

Last month, the West Virginia House of Representatives voted 84 to 10 in favor of HB2007, which bans transsexual drugs and procedures for minors. This includes all hormonal drugs and surgical procedures.

On March 10th, the state senate passed a slightly amended version 30-2. Afterward, the House voted 88 to 10 to approve the new version passed by the Senate.

The media reports that it is unclear if the Governor will sign it. However, both chambers passed the bill with a veto-proof majority. West Virginia will be the eighth state to ban these practices by an act of the state legislature.

We previously reported that Tennessee’s SB0001, which also bans transsexual drugs and procedures for minors, passed the state Senate 26 to 6 on February 13th. On February 23rd, the House passed it 77 to 16. It was signed into law by the Governor on March 2nd.

In Mississippi, HB1125, another similar bill, passed the House on January 19th by a vote of 78-29. On February 21st, it passed the Senate 33-15. The Governor signed it into law on February 28th.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma passed House Bill 2177 by a vote of 80-18 on February 28th. It received its first reading in the Oklahoma Senate on March 1st.

The Florida state medical board also banned transsexual procedures and drugs for minors. However, this may not survive a court battle. A bill to codify this into law has been introduced in the state legislature.

Arkansas enacted a similar law in 2021 after overriding a veto by Governor Huckabee. Alabama and Arizona enacted similar laws in 2022. Utah and South Dakota passed similar laws last January.

A possible interstate showdown is looming. Radical members of the Washington state senate, some of whom are committee chairs, want to legalize the harboring of out-of-state runaway minors. The stated purpose of this is to give these minors permanently disfiguring transsexual medical procedures. Their bill, SB5599, equates a lack of transsexual “care” to a child being beaten or starved by their parent.

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