WA Senator admits his trans bill is targeted at out-of-state children

Radical SB5599 just advanced in the WA Senate

Update: This bill passed the Washington Senate on March 1st, by a vote of 27 to 19.

Washington Senate Bill 5599 amends the law on harboring runaway minors. The bill’s purpose is to allow the harboring of runaway children if they seek “gender-affirming treatment.” This is a cute way of saying permanent transsexual disfigurement through hormonal drugs and surgeries.

On February 14th, the Washington Senate Committee on Human Services substituted the bill with a new version. The original version covered “individuals, unlicensed youth shelters, runaway and homeless youth programs, licensed overnight youth shelters, and “host homes.”

The new version appears only to cover “licensed overnight youth shelters,” and “host homes.” These shelters and foster homes would no longer be required to notify parents of the child’s location if the child was seeking to disfigure themselves in the pursuit of being transsexual. The new version would still require “individuals, unlicensed youth shelters, and runaway and homeless youth programs” to promptly notify the parents of the child’s whereabouts.

A “host home” is defined as a “private home that volunteers to host youth in need of temporary placement.”

There is also a new paragraph of political propaganda added to the beginning of the bill. This paragraph states that the bill’s purpose is to remove barriers to “homeless transgender youth” so they do not otherwise attempt suicide. Thirdly, the new version also provides $7.5 million in new funding to accommodate those seeking abortions or transsexual disfigurement.

During the Senate Committee Hearing, Washington Senator Joe Nguyen, an author of the bill, explicitly states that the bill’s purpose is to harbor children from other states to provide them with transsexual disfigurement. Then Nguyen blatantly misrepresents the bill by portraying these children as having their parents’ permission. The bill specifically covers children “away from a lawfully prescribed residence or home without parental permission.” 

After Nguyen speaks, Committee Chairman Claire states that the bill does not alter state law on parental consent. This is because the state of Washington has already gutted parental consent for transsexual disfigurement. Those aged 13 and older can consent by themselves. Those under 13 can still get puberty blockers and hormone treatments without parental consent if their “medical provider” approves the drugs.

The committee voted to pass the new version of SB5599 and send it to the Ways & Means committee with a “do pass” recommendation. It was passed four against three along partisan lines. The Chairman of the committee, Claire Wilson, is one of the bill’s sponsors along with Joe Nguyen.

These are the members of the committee:

Wilson, Claire (D)
407 Legislative Building (360) 786-7658
Kauffman, Claudia (D)
Vice Chair
218 John A. Cherberg Building (360) 786-7692
Boehnke, Matt (R)
Ranking Member
117 Legislative Modular Building (360) 786-7614
Frame, Noel (D) 411 Legislative Building (360) 786-7670
Nguyen, Joe (D) 235 John A. Cherberg Building (360) 786-7667
Warnick, Judy (R) 316 Legislative Building (360) 786-7624
Wilson, Jeff (R) 108 Legislative Modular Building (360) 786-7636

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