NAACP spins anti-White narrative over Black on Hispanic horror

Vicious anti-White hatred by the NAACP

Penny Poole says its about White people!

Doraville, Georgia Police officer Miles Bryant, 22, has been charged in connection to the murder of Susana Morales, 16.

Morales was first reported missing on July 26th, 2022. Her naked corpse was found dumped in the woods on February 6th, 2023.

Bryant has now been charged with concealing Morales’ body and filing a false report that his gun was stolen. According to local media, police are still gathering evidence for possible rape, murder, and other felony charges.

Both the police and the victim’s family say that Morales and Bryant had no previous connections.

However, the NAACP is weaving its own disgusting and shameless narrative. According to the local NAACP president, Morales is a victim of White people because her body was not discovered faster.

“I really do believe that there’s a disproportionate concern when the children are Black and Brown, and the attention is not the same as when the children are White,” Gwinnett County NAACP President Penny Poole.

WSB-TV, a local ABC affiliate, promoted this incendiary anti-White narrative. They supported Penny Poole by showing conspiratorial statement by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children [NCMEC]. The statement is falsely presented as if a NCMEC spokesman had said in direct relation to Susana Morales. We asked the NCMEC about it and they told us the statement is from June of 2021.

Yahoo News also syndicated WSB-TV’s incendiary article to go with the video segment.

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