Three rap stars have been murdered in NYC in less than three months

Why are rappers dropping like flies in NYC?

Why are so many rappers murdered all the time?

On May 5th, NYC rapper Kamir King, 34, was killed execution style inside a DIY recording studio in Manhattan. Police say four Black males had stormed into the building. A second man, Devon Dillahunt, 24, was shot and killed in front of the building around the same time. Police have arrested Kabal Reyes, 24. The NYPD are still looking for three more suspects. Detectives believe that King was targeted because the perps believed he had cash and cannabis on him.


On June 9th, LA rapper Avanti Frowner was murdered inside a pharmacy in the Bronx. He performs using the name “Moneygang Vontae,” and was visiting NYC to film a rap video. Surveillance video shows Frowner being attacked and beaten by four Black males. Then one of the perps shoots him while he is laying on the ground. River Jones, 18, was been arrested by the NYPD. Two more suspects, Nayson White, 25, and Allen Algarin, 23, were arrested in Georgia and extradited back to New York.

On July 9th, Ethan Reyes, 14, was stabbed to death on a subway platform in the Hamilton Heights neighborhood of Manhattan. Reyes was an up-and-coming local rap star who performed under the name “Notti Osama.” Police say that an unnamed 15 year old suspect was arrested. Reyes pushed the 15 year old onto the subway tracks and was then stabbed to death. The 15 year old is said to be another aspiring rapper that Reyes was feuding with.

Other NYC rappers reacted to his death on social media. Sugarhill Keem vowed revenge for his death, while another known as Kev GZ made a video mocking his death.

Notti Osama and his older brother DD Osama.

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