Five states had their highest homicide rates in modern history in 2020

18 states had homicide rates that were at least a 25 year high

As better data for 2020 continues to become available, the more clearly we see the incredible extend of America’s 2020 homicide explosion.

Five states experienced their highest homicide rates in modern recorded history (at least since 1960). These states are Pennsylvania, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. Notice that Minnesota, the epicenter of the BLM riots, is in the middle of four of these states.

Minnesota hit a 24 year high, but the all time highest rate was only 13% higher. Minnesota’s homicide rate went up even more in 2021. The state is getting close to an all time high. According to a new report by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Blacks made up 65.4% of known homicide victims and 76% of known homicide suspects in 2021.

State with the highest rates relative to their history:

  1. PA – all time high
  2. WI- all time high
  3. ND – all time high
  4. WI – all time high
  5. MO – all time high
  6. DE – 46 year high
  7. MT – 35 year high
  8. KY – 30 year high
  9. OH – 29 year high
  10. SC – 29 year high
  11. IN- 28 year high
  12. WV – 27 year high
  13. LA – 26 year high
  14. AR- 26 year high
  15. CO- 25 year high
  16. GA- 25 year high
  17. OK – 25 year high
  18. TN – 25 year high

It is noteworthy that Maryland only hit a three-year high. Homicide rates had already exploded in that state after the BLM race riots in 2015. Maryland saw a 48% rise in homicides in 2015, and the rate has simply remained around this level. Missouri also had BLM rioting in late 2014, and the 2015 homicide rate went up 23.9%. However, it has continued going up since then.

In New Jersey, it was only a five-year high. However, New Jersey still saw a 25% increase in 2019.

Across the USA, the primary driver of the surge appears to be large increases in homicides by Black suspects. This is even true in states like Iowa and North Dakota, with very small Black populations. North Dakota is less than 4% Black, but Blacks made up 31.8% of known homicide suspects in 2020 (based on data from 100% of police departments). Iowa is about 4.5% Black, but Blacks made up 55.5% of known homicide suspects in 2020 (based on data from 92.3% of police departments).

Dozen of US states had homicide rates that went up again in 2021. Many are experiencing homicide rates in 2022 that are even higher than in 2021. It is just getting worse.

The US media and many politicians have spent the past two years pushing false narratives about the crime surge.

False Narratives:

  1. The homicide surge is a right-wing myth
  2. It was caused by Covid-19
  3. It was caused by heightened gun sales
  4. It was much worse in the 90s, the current surge is not even that bad
  5. Nationwide BLM riots had absolutely nothing to do with the surge
  6. Increase in policies that coddle violent criminals has nothing to do with the surge

Reality: The politicizing of Black incarceration has led to a nationwide movement to be soft on crime, especially crimes committed by Blacks. This has emboldened criminals, especially criminals who are Black. Nationwide BLM rioting in 2020, in which authorities often conducted stand downs and then refused to prosecute rioters, was seen as a green light to commit more crime.

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