Staten Islands protesters accused of “psychological warfare” against illegal aliens

New Yorkers battle over who should take in illegal aliens

A battle between New York City and other parts of the state has raged for months. Eric Adams has bused illegal aliens north and dumped them on other cities and the Canadian border. At least two New York counties have filed lawsuits against NYC to stop them from dumping illegal aliens in their communities.

The situation has escalated so much that now there is intense fighting within New York City.

Protesters in Staten Island are being accused by media of deploying “psychological warfare.” A 117-decibel loudspeaker warns illegal aliens, in five different languages, that a newly set up migrant shelter is “rat and mold-infested.”

The message urges illegal aliens not to get off the bus and return to New York City. Staten Island is one of five New York City boroughs and the westernmost part of New York City.

Protests have raged in Staten Island against using St. John Villa Academy as a migrant shelter. This is an all-girls Catholic private school that has been closed down since 2018. A lawsuit was filed by the borough of Staten Island against the city government to try to stop the migrant shelter.

Recently, New York City Mayor Eric Adams said the continued large-scale arrival of illegal aliens into NYC would “destroy the city.”

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