Five thugs open fire after High School football game in Philly. One dead, four injured.

Lawless Philadelphia

Five High School footballs teams were conducting a scrimmage at Roxborough High School in Philadelphia, PA. As the game was ending, five young Black males ambushed another group in the parking lot.

Five people were shot. All between 14 and 17 years of age. Nicholas Elizalde, 14, was killed.

According to GreatSchools, Roxborough is 84% Black and has abysmal academic performance.

Philadelphia had its highest homicide rate in city history in 2021. However, Philadelphia’s mostly Black suburb of Chester is actually far more deadly than Philadelphia itself.

Philadelphia, PA:

1990: 500 (1586k, 31.5 homicides per 100k) former record
2019: 356
2020: 499 (1584k, 31.5 homicides per 100k) tie with 1990
2021: 561 (1585k, 35.4 per 100k) new all time record

Chester, PA:

2009: 14 (34k, 41.2 homicides per 100k) lower murder rate from at least the past twenty years
2014: 30 (33k, 90.1 homicides per 100k) Previous all time record.
2019: 18 (32.5k, 55.4 homicides per 100k) Among the highest rates in the nation. Praised as a victory compared to previous years.
2020: 37 (32.5k, 113.8 homicides per 100k) All time record. One of the highest murder rates in the Western hemisphere.
2021: 18 (32.5k, 55.4 homicides per 100k) Praised as a giant victory in light of the 37 homicides in 2020.

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