Eight mass shootings this weekend, 5 killed, 40 wounded

Each weekend there are a shockingly large number of mass shootings around the nation. As the number of mass shooting grows, the amount of media coverage is shrinking.

The overwhelming pattern we find is that  majority of mass shootings are Black on Black and seem to occur at the spur of the moment.

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There have been eight mass shootings in the news so far for this weekend. Only suspect has been announced so far, a Black male. While one of the shootings involved White motorcycle clubs and probably has a White suspect, the other seven are all very likely to have been Black on Black.

Friday Evening (April 29th):

Four people shot and wounded at a party in Laurel, Mississippi, The suspect is Jhavon Grayson, a 20 year old Black male.

Two killed and two injured at a bar in Jackson, Tennessee. This is being called a shootout between rival motorcycle clubs. The Outlaws and the Pagans.

Six shot and wounded at the Balcony Bar in New Orleans, Louisiana. The victims are four women and two males in their twenties and thirties. One of the victims is Nairobi Davis, a 23 year old Black male, who was recently charged with murder himself. He was released from custody due to a lack of evidence. Police believe the Davis was the main target.

Saturday (April 30th):

One person killed and four wounded at an Atlanta, Georgia apartment complex. The deceased is a male. The other four victims are women. Police say there was a fight and one person sprayed the crowd with gunfire. Police have not released any details on a suspect.

Five wounded at the Mudbug Festival in Jackson, Mississippi. Police say a man shot five people and was then killed by law enforcement. It took place at the state fair grounds. They have not released any details on the shooter. Before the shooting occurred, there was mob violence involving young Black males and females.

Sunday (May 1st):

One killed and four injured at a party in Clinton, North Carolina. A VFW was rented to hold to the party. The town is 41% Black, 40% White, and 19% Other. Almost no details have been released by the media.

One killed and four injured at an apartment complex in Springfield, Ohio. Police have not released any details on the suspect. Other residents of the apartment complex shown by the media are all Black.

Eleven wounded in Lafayette, Louisiana. A man shot eleven people in downtown Lafayette before being shot and wounded by police. No details on the shooter have been released.

Killed: 5
Wounded: 40

The scene right before the Mudbug Festival mass shooting:

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