Zelensky’s top military adviser in 2019: large scale war by the end of 2022 is the price of joining NATO

"with 99% probability"

Oleksiy Arestovych (often spelled Alexei Arestovich) is Zelensky’s top military adviser and makes daily public addresses. He is a military psychologist and a fellow celebrity actor.

In 2019, Oleksiy Arestovych told a reporter that there was a 99% probability of a Russo-Ukrainian war and that it would probably occur by the end of 2022. He said this was the price of joining NATO.

Related: In 2014, Zelensky supported the rights of Ukrainian Oblasts to make Russian an official language. This was banned by the Ukrainian government. After Crimea became a Autonomous Republic of the Russian Federation, Ukrainian, Russian, and Crimean Tatar were all made official languages. During his 2019 presidential campaign, Zelensky campaigned on ending the war in Donbas and implementing the 2015 Minsk Agreement. His candidacy was opposed by the US State Department in favor of the pro-war incumbent.

Another video clip of Oleksiy Arestovych:

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