Seattle Antifa assaults reporters and cameramen right in front of police, zero arrests

Seattle police have been neutralized by city officials

Katie Daviscourt

Seattle Antifa rioted last night, February 17th, to show support for an unnamed man that committed “suicide by cop.” The man called 911 and then when police arrived, he ran towards them with a knife screaming for them to shoot him. Seattle police have already released a bodycam video of the fatal shooting.

Antifa blocked streets, smashed windows, threw objects at police, and may have even battled each other at times. Antifa also violently assaulted journalists and Youtubers who tried to film their riot.

Katie Daviscourt, of the website Post Millenial, was identified by a group of Antifa who assaulted her with umbrellas and eggs. Antifa teaches their members to carry old-fashioned umbrellas with metal points. They use them as both weapons and for blocking video cameras. They prefer weapons that have built-in plausible denial. If arrested for committing assault with the umbrella, they tell the judge, “I thought it was going to rain” and deny any premeditation.

Daviscourt was, however, able to get great video clips documenting some of the assaults. Daviscourt reports witnessing ten individual assaults, all of which occurred right in front of the Seattle police. The cops made zero arrests.

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