BLM/Antifa trying to establish a second autonomous zone in Minneapolis

Four people have already been murdered inside the first autonomous zone

East 38th Street and Chicago Avenue have been a 24/7 BLM “autonomous” protest zone for nearly a year now. It is called the “George Floyd Autonomous Zone,” as well as the “Free State of George Floyd.” Four people have already been murdered inside the tiny four-block zone since its creation, including a man who was supposed to be in charge of BLM “security.” BLM and Antifa, some of whom carry firearms, prevent police, firefighters, and emergency workers from entering.

The zone is surrounded by barricades that block traffic. In early June, the city made a very half-hearted attempt to dismantle the barricades. They sent city workers to the zone at 4:30 AM. Instead of giving them police protection, they hired a left-wing non-profit called the “Agape Movement” to provide security. At 7:30 AM, city workers and Agape members fled from a violent mob. BLM & Antifa immediately restored the barricades.

Now BLM & Antifa are trying to establish a second autonomous protest zone at Lake Street and Hennepin Avenue in Uptown Minneapolis.

This is where, on June 3rd, Winston “Boogie” Smith pulled a gun on police and was shot and killed. Cops retrieved a handgun and spent shell casings from Smith’s vehicle, but police have not released the full details yet. Smith was facing four years in prison for weapons charges. Recently, Smith posted a social media video urging BLM supporters to buy materials to make Molotov cocktails. He also vowed to carry out attacks himself. BLM & Antifa has lionized Boogie as a hero and a “victim” of the police.

A few days ago, BLM & Antifa engaged in criminal activity at this intersection, causing one of their own to be killed. A 31-year-old single mother, with two children at home, parked her car sidewise in the street. It was nearly midnight at the time. An SUV crashed into her vehicle, killing her and wounding two other rioters.

Minneapolis police have been deployed. However, it remains to be seen if city authorities are willing to stand up to the mob.

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