Video: Dennis Anderson was being followed and menaced by armed Antifa right before the shooting

Will Antifa be held accountable for any of their crimes committed yesterday?

You can see that the man in "black bloc" is aiming a gun straight at Anderson.

After the Antifa-involved shooting took place in Portland last night, this video was spreading across Twitter. Then it suddenly disappeared. We finally managed to find a copy.

The video shows Dennis G. Anderson, 65, walking backward down SW 2nd street while Antifa follows him and yells threats. Anderson is holding his hands in a non-aggressive way. There is a handgun in one hand and a magazine in the other. The gun remains pointed at the ground the entire time. Anderson appears to be trying to de-escalate the situation while his Antifa pursuers have no interest in de-escalating.

One of Anderson’s pursuers is pointing a handgun directly at Anderson in a highly aggressive way.

Hundreds of Antifa had massed in the area for a rally, and many of them openly brandished guns.

Video clips taken moments later show Anderson being shot at six times. He appears to return fire once. Incoming fire continues even as Anderson runs away.

Minutes later, Anderson was arrested without incident, but Antifa mobbed police and impeded their investigation of the crime scene. A Portland cop is on video accusing Antifa of stealing evidence from the crime scene. Later, the Portland police issued an official press release stating that they believe evidence from the crime scene was stolen.

Anderson was charged with two gun crimes and released on a $5k bail Monday morning. Police say they have no evidence that Anderson belonged to any group. A reporter for the Oregonian, Portland’s daily newspaper, says Anderson walked past a group of Antifa and said, “you guys are the real fascists.” The Antifa allegedly went into a rage and began their harassment at this time.

Numerous other video clips show Antifa members assaulting people in and around Waterfront Park before the shooting took place. Portland’s KOIN also reported that Antifa had chased and assaulted street preachers.

The shooting took place less than two blocks from where self-described Antifa member Michael Reinoehl stalked and murdered Aaron Danielson on August 29th, 2020.

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