Surprise! Syrian immigrant who became a violent Antifa rioter is also a self-described “sex worker”

She is angry that OnlyFans is de-platforming her porn site

Alissa Azar is a 29-year-old Syrian who came to Portland, Oregon, with her parents at least ten years ago. As a teenager, she defended Syrian leader Bashir al-Assad on local Portland tv. Today, she describes herself online as “a slutty anarchist” and promotes “Rose City Antifa” on Twitter.

On March 12th, 2021, she was arrested for being part of a violent Antifa riot in Portland’s Pearl District. She received a criminal citation for disorderly conduct in the second degree.

On June 18th, 2021, she posted a video showing herself at another violent Antifa riot in Portland. Author Andy Ngô alleges that she pepper-sprayed a woman during this riot.  Ngô linked to a video of the assault. However, Twitter has since censored the account that posted the video.

Other radical leftists refer to her online as a “journalist.” Hundreds, if not thousands, of Antifa claim to be “journalists.” It is their signature cover story for when they get arrested for being violent. Azar’s “journalism” consists of a medium account with 22 followers where she writes attack pieces on the police that no one ever reads.

Azar describes herself as a “sex worker.” Now she is angry that OnlyFans is de-platforming her porn site where she goes by ACABChaiXX.

OnlyFans is a Patreon-style website that is most known for amateur gonzo porn. However, the website is trying to conduct a total make-over and attract a different audience.

Over the years, large numbers of Antifa women have been involved in amateur porn and prostitution.

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