Western Cape: Huge support for secession among Whites & Coloureds, while nearly half of all Blacks oppose multi-racial society

Shock poll from South Africa

27 years after the end of Apartheid, large numbers of South Africans, at least those in the Western Cape, still want to break up the country.

A poll in Western Cape found 41.6% of all adults support Western Cape becoming an independent nation. Another 53.8% opposed. However, when only counting registered voters, this increases to 46.2% in support of independence with 49.6% opposed.

A total of 58% support a public referendum on Western Cape independence. The poll was commissioned by the group Cape Independence and conducted by Victory Research. The sample size was 886 people.

Do you support or oppose the Western Cape becoming an independent country? (all adults, regardless of voter status)

Whites: 64.2% support
Coloureds: 49.5% support
Blacks: 22% support

Even among those who do not support independence, many still believe their lives would improve if Western Cape left South Africa. The poll found that 49.8% said their life would improve, while only 35.3% thought their life would worsen.

Regardless of whether or not you support the idea of Cape Independence, do you believe that, if the Western Cape was an independent country, your quality of life would improve or worsen?

Whites: 78% improve
Coloureds: 62.3% improve
Blacks: 21.6% improve

Another shock is the lack of support among Blacks for a multi-racial society. Nearly half of Blacks do not believe that all races belong in South Africa.

I believe South Africa belongs to everyone who lives here regardless of their race.

Whites: 5% disagree
Coloureds: 11% disagree
Blacks: 47% disagree

Note that Coloured is a catch-all term. Basically, it is anyone not purely White or purely Black/Bantu. It includes people who are Khoisan and any mixture of White, Black, Asian, Khoisan. About half of the residents of the Western Cape identify as Coloured.

Among Democratic Alliance, which is the ruling party in Western Cape, support for secession is 55.7%.

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