The legacy of the Gupta Family in South Africa: Indian community now targeted by rioters and anti-Zuma crowd alike

Indian government pleading for South Africa to protect Indian minority

Anti-Zuma protesters circa 2017. Note the photo of

From Renaissance Horizon (Youtube / Odysee)

Rioting continuous. It is now day six. With all the grocery stores looted, people drive to the distribution centers in their cars to loot. Police report finding hundreds of spent shell casings in the streets.

A minority of the population now has all the food. Those who did not loot any food and finding empty grocery stores. No new food is being delivered because it will just get stolen.

One couple posted a video on social media showing their two brand new stainless steel refrigerators, which are both packed full of meats. Their entire house is full of boxes of looted goods. The couple cheers and laughs gleefully on the video These types of callous criminals will likely end up throwing half of their stolen produce and meats in the trash because they will not be able to eat it fast enough.

Meanwhile, those who did not join the looters only have the food they bought before the rioting started.

Julius Malema, a non-Zulu Zuma loyalist, and leader of the Marxist ANC splinter group Economic Freedom Fighters [EFF], publicly said that his supporters will riot in solidarity with the Zulu if the president does not recall soldiers. Malema is a Pedi, and his support base is the northeast corner of South Africa, where his tribe lives.

Malema has been a leading non-Zulu apologist for ongoing Zulu violence. Ironically, Malema has previously supported confiscating land owned by the Zulu tribe for redistribution.

Most Indians in South Africa live around Durban or Johannesburg.

The Indian government is speaking out and pleading with South Africa to defend the Indian community. Many are agitating against this community on social media. There are about 1.3 million Indians in South Africa, making up 2.5% of the total population. A complex series of events leads to the Indian community being attacked by both pro-Zuma Zulu and anti-Zuma non-Zulu.

During Zuma’s reign, he worked closely with the Indian-born Gupta family. This includes three brothers and some of their children. They all became fabulously wealthy and now have a combined estimated net worth of over one Billion USD.

Near the end of Zuma’s reign, his opponents claimed Atul Gupta was the true president and Zuma was just his puppet. Some anti-Zuma protesters even used the social media hashtag “notmypresident” to refer to Atul being an unelected “shadow president.”

All the while, the predatory Gupta family hired a British public relations firm to popularize the phrase “White Monopoly Capital” and demonize White people. The family believed they could divert criticism by agitating the Black population against White people. They created legions of fake social media accounts to flood the internet with this phrase, and it became a major slogan used by Julius Malema’s Marxist EFF.

Of course, some people noticed the Guptas themselves were wealthier than 99.99999999% of White South Africans. Now people are screaming “Indian Monopoly Capital” and accusing the entire Indian community of predatory exploitation and being in league with Zuma.

Meanwhile, the Indian community in Durban is targeted by Zulu rioters who want to loot their stores and steal their stuff. Posts on Twitter make conspiratorial claims that Indians in Durban are out murdering Black people in the streets with impunity.

The entire situation gets uglier by the day. The Kwa-Zulu Natal will take decades to recover, if it ever does, from this.

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