South Gauteng High Court: Songs about murdering White people do not violate hate speech laws

"Kill the Boer" is not hate speech

On August 25th, the South Gauteng High Court dismissed a lawsuit against the Economic Freedom Fighters [EFF] for singing two songs that encourage the murder of White people. Judge Edwin Molahlehi of the South Gauteng High Court ruled that the songs do not violate South Africa’s law against “hate speech.” The lawsuit had been filed by AfriForum, a South African NGO.

Judge Molahlehi also ordered AfriForum to pay for EFF’s legal fees. AfriForum says they will appeal the verdict.

After the ruling, uniformed EFF members screamed, “Kill the Boer, Kill the farmer” at White members of AfriForum.

Boer is the Dutch word for “farmer,” but also a name for all South Africans of Dutch ancestry. Many Black racial militants in South Africa simply use it as a word for all White people. The EFF is a radical splinter group of the ANC.

In 2011, EFF leader Julius Malema was convicted of hate speech for singing “kill the Boer” at political rallies. After the conviction, he continued singing the song but would say “kiss the Boer” while mimicking that he was shooting someone with his hand.

Besides, “Kill the Boer,” the other song that the judge defended is called “Fire Brigade” and has “burn down these Boers” in the chorus.

In 2018, Malema declared, “we are starting with this whiteness. We are cutting the throat of whiteness.”

South Africa is notorious around the world for the high number of particularly gruesome and cruel Black on White murders, many of whom are farmers in rural areas.

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