Three savage farm murders since EFF “Kill the Boer” event

Western media is censoring the violence

On July 29, the Economic Freedom Fighters [EFF] held their tenth-anniversary party at First National Bank stadium in Johannesburg. Julius Malema led over 100k Black South Africans in singing about murdering White farmers.

Major Western media outlets, such as the New York Times, defended the song.

Within twenty-four hours, the killings had begun.

On July 30, Theo Bekker was attacked on his farm in the Balfour region of Mpumalanga. He was tortured and had his throat slit open by Black males. He died on the scene, and his wife, Marlinda, was beaten and hospitalized. The attackers fled in Bekker’s car and promptly wrecked it.

On August 2, Dr. Carel Nel was found murdered on his farm in Biesiesvlei, in the province of North West.

On August 3, two Black males murdered Duwayne Smith on his farm. They shot him in front of his two daughters, aged 10 and 8. His wife was also shot in the back and seriously injured. The perps are said to have left without stealing anything. It took place in Randfontein in the province of Gauteng.


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