South African roads getting deadlier as gangs becoming more brazen

Gangs use explosives to rob armored bank vans

Gauteng province, which includes Johannesburg, is warning motorists to watch out for spikes on the highways. So-called “spike gangs” disable cars, usually at night, so they can rob the drivers.

Police in the province first sounded the alarm in 2021. Now they are saying that the attacks are increasing again. The gangs continuously move to new locations.

Gauteng Traffic Police spokesperson Sello Maremane:

“We have in recent times noted a rise in incidents of spikes placed strategically on the freeways by criminals. Hard objects were in recent times thrown from overhead bridges resulting in motorists losing control of their vehicles, being involved in unnecessary accidents and robbed of their belongings. The placing of spikes has resulted in many road users being involved in unwarranted accidents and some even losing their lives through these ruthless acts. We will continue to conduct law enforcement operations on Gauteng’s major routes and freeways to ensure that anyone found placing an object is apprehended to face the full might of law.”

There has also been a rash of brazen cash in transit [CIT] heists. Many of which involve explosions to steal the cash. This video shows the aftermath of a CIT heist in a suburb of Johannesburg on February 24rd. Four security guards were hospitalized, two of them with gunshot wounds.

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