NYT publishes attack piece on UPenn professor for making factually correct statements

NYT rails against lone conservative professor at UPenn

The New York Times just published a very long attack piece against Law Professor and neurologist Amy Wax of UPenn. The newspaper agitates for the University to fire her for making factually correct statements about race, immigration, and the superiority of two-parent households.

She also committed the sin of inviting Jared Taylor to speak to one of her classes.

Amy Wax is a tenured professor at the UPenn School of Law. She has a law degree from Columbia and a medical degree from Harvard. She is an observant Conservative Jewish woman.

Theodore Ruger, the dean of the UPenn school of law, wants to see her sanctioned. Last year, University President M. Elizabeth Magill suggested that the university end its policy of protecting academic freedom over Wax.

Last year ABC National News pushed a campaign to get Wax fired. CNN also did a major attack piece on her. However, Tucker Carlson conducted a friendly interview with her on the Tucker Carlson Today show.

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