Reuters concedes that the legacy media narrative, on the January 6th “insurrection,” is bogus

Pop goes the narrative.

The FBI has dropped a bombshell so big that even Reuters has conceded that the media’s narrative on January 6th is false.

The FBI now says that after 570 arrests, they have found no evidence of any centralized plot. Only about 5% of the people arrested are members of a militia or any hardline organization. Even the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys, who allegedly talked about storming the capital in advance, had no plans to carry out any plot once inside.

The DOJ has already said that upwards of twenty federal assets, undercover agents and informants, were involved on January 6th. We also know that a Black Lives Matter leader, John Sullivan was at the forefront of the violence while disguised as a “Trump Supporter.” The DOJ says Sullivan was a provocateur who was egging other people on. His leaked Discord chat log shows other Antifa and BLM were also present. Members of the mainstream legacy media were also among the people involved but went uncharged.

Jade Sacker, a photojournalist for NBC and NPR, was at the forefront of the violence as Sullivan’s companion. She is on video celebrating with Sullivan inside the capital building. She entered the capital building through a broken window alongside Sullivan. The DOJ has never charged her with a crime. Even though hundreds of other people, who waited for law enforcement to open the front doors and let them inside, have been charged with Federal crimes.

Court records show that Sullivan, whose charged with several federal crimes, received money from CNN and NBC for his videos of the events.

Major media outlets have previously conceded that their Officer Sicknick narrative was false.

The most significant “plot” appears to have been hatched by legacy media and politicians to sell Americans a false narrative.

Reuters still falsely alleges that “four people died.” They did not name who any of these people are.

Ashley Babbitt was shot in the neck by a member of law enforcement inside the capital. Roseanne Boyland, 34, died near the capital building. Her friends allege that she was beaten to death by police officers. The official cause of death, according to her autopsy, was a drug overdose.

Media outlets have falsely claimed several other people died at the capital. Of the 100-200k people who travelled to Washington DC, for a rally featuring Donald Trump, two others died of natural causes that weekend. No media outlets have provided any evidence that these two people were anywhere near the capital building.

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