NBC/NPR linked Jade Sacker accompanied the far-left activist charged with inciting rioting in the capitol

Was "photo-journalist" trying to incite rioting so she could film it?

Jade Sacker

Update: Chat logs from John Sullivan’s private Discord channel have been leaked. Shows pre-meditated conspiracy.

John Sullivan is the far-left organizer who has been charged by the FBI with inciting rioting inside the US Capitol building. Sullivan also facing criminal charges in Utah for a violent BLM event he organized, in which a motorist was shot. Sullivan was taken into custody Thursday evening in Provo, Utah.

In the multitude of video clips posted on Twitter by Sullivan, there is a woman who seen celebrating with him. She tells Sullivan “we did it, you were right, we did it.” Then she says “you’re not recording this right?” Sullivan replies “I’ll delete it.” Sullivan not only did not delete the clip, but he also posted it online with other clips.

The woman in the video has a medical mask on but is carrying a large camera and Sullivan explicitly refers to her as a filmmaker. He says to her “is this not going to be the best film you have ever made in your life?”

According to CNN, Jade Sacker accompanied Sullivan inside the Capitol. Sacker describes herself as an independent photojournalist who does work for PBS, NBC, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and others.

Two people who saw the shooting, left-wing activist John Sullivan and documentary filmmaker Jade Sacker, provided CNN with video of the incident and described the moments beforehand. – CNN.com

Facebook “Fact checker” Politifact, has been publishing “fact checks” claiming to exonerate John Sullivan. They also claim that Jade Sacker had a legitimate reason for being in the capitol because she was working on a documentary about Sullivan himself. As ridiculous as that sounds.

Jade Sacker, a documentary filmmaker working on a project about Sullivan. – Politifact

Note: Several websites are alleging that Jade Sacker “works for CNN.” The only connection I can find between her and CNN is that CNN credited her with providing them with video from the January 6th events. I can not find any previous connection, and she does not list CNN as one of her clients.

Sullivan has stated in videos that he entered the Capitol building through a broken window and pushed his way to the front of the pack. Since the events, CNN, ABC’s Good Morning America, Politifact, and Facebook Factcheck have all falsely depicted Sullivan as a legitimate “journalist” who was only documenting the events that unfolded.

Now, the FBI has filed a very detailed criminal complaint outlining violent statements that Sullivan allegedly made to egg on other people to riot.

Clearly, if John Sullivan is guilty of inciting rioting, then Jade Sacker would appear to be a willing accomplice.



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