New video seems to debunk “insurrection” narrative

More evidence of cooperation between protesters and police

On January 6th, some people smashed windows and breached the capitol building by force. At the forefront of this group was Utah BLM leader John Sullivan. Accompanying John Sullivan was NBC/NPR photographer Jade Sacker. After breaching the capital by force, Sullivan and Sacker are on video celebrating.

Major media outlets also directly collaborated with John Sullivan and paid him $35k for his video footage. Sullivan has been charged with crimes by the FBI, while Sacker has been given a free pass, despite incriminating statements she made on video. Meanwhile, a woman who is on video actively trying to prevent the mob from breaking windows is facing years in prison.

Leaked Dischord chat logs show that John Sullivan had other BLM/Antifa affiliated people present that he was collaborating with.

Meanwhile, the majority of the people who entered the Capitol building stood in line and waited peacefully for DC law enforcement to open the doors and let them in.

A newly released video shows more evidence of direct cooperation between the police and people who came in through the front doors.



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