Kentucky woman was savagely beaten by mob in apparent racially motivated hate crime

The victim is a disabled army vet

This news story was quarantined to minor local coverage only. Only one local media outlet even reported on it. Imagine if the races had been reversed? It would have been the single most prominent news story in the USA, with MSNBC and CNN devoting hours to it.

On May 12th, Pamela Ahlstedt-Brown was trying to back out of a parking space at a Kroger’s in Louisville, Kentucky, when a car blocked her in and stopped moving. She said she asked the driver, a Black female if she needed help. She was then berated with racial abuse and brutally beaten by four young Black female perpetrators.

Eventually, the attack was broken up when bystanders intervened. The victim suffered a broken nose and lacerations all over her face from being kicked while on the ground.

Ahlstedt-Brown, who is married to a Black male and has a bi-racial child, says the attack was racially motivated. The Lousiville Metropolitan Police Department says the perpetrators will face assault charges and the possibility of a hate crime enhancement charge. Ahlstedt-Brown says the LMPD has been dragging its feet and even admonished her for not going to Kroger’s and asking for security footage herself, which the police would typically do on behalf of a victim. Then, when police did receive the security video, Ahlstedt-Brown says a detective told her daughter that they would not release the video, not even to the victim.

Click here to watch the interview with the victim on WAVE3.

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