Victim of BLM/Antifa violence gets a continuance from Minneapolis prosecutors. None of his attackers have ever been charged.

Minneapolis is not safe for the law abiding

On May 29th, BLM and Antifa rioters surged onto a major interstate and blocked traffic. Thirty-six-year-old Bogdan Vechirko was driving a tanker truck. A rioter sat down in front of the truck as Vechirko hit his brakes and blurred his horn. He was physically unable to stop the truck before the rioter had to roll out of his way to avoid being run over.

No rioters were hit by the truck or injured. Next, dozens of rioters began smashing up his truck, pulling Vechirko from the cab, and brutally beating him. Vechirko was lucky to have survived.

If that was not bad enough, left-leaning media sided with the rioters and attacked Vechirko with clickbait headlines. They claimed he “plowed into protesters,” which was a complete falsehood. Five months later, Hennepin County prosecutors caved in to the mob and charged the victim of the crime with committing a felony threat of violence and misdemeanor reckless operation.

However, even with a left-wing Minneapolis jury pool, prosecutors were unsure they could get a conviction. So they have granted a one-year continuance on the condition that he attends “counseling.” If Vechirko is not arrested for anything within one year, the charges are automatically dropped.

Critics of the local county attorney’s office say the continuance is evidence that the charges were politically motivated since the beginning. Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman is a self-described “progressive” who has been trying to prove himself to the far-left. In 2018, he had his first challenger in twelve years. Left-wing activist Mark Haase ran against Freeman, claiming he was not progressive enough. George Soros funded Haase’s campaign through a PAC.

To date, none of the violent rioters have been charged with crimes for brutally beating him or causing thousands in damages to his truck!

BLM & Antifa rioting killed six people in Minneapolis in 2020 and has killed another two in 2021.

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